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Lake Harriet Condos Living

Great location! 1/2 block to Lake Harriet or Linden Hills. One bedroom condo. Kitchen has granite counter tops...

2700 44th Street #303

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Lake Harriet Condos For Sale

The Lake Harriet condos were constructed in 1922 as an answer to the area’s scarce housing problem. As such, living units are cozy with floor plans ranging between 500 and 825 square feet. These small condos are ideal for singles or families who are looking for affordable solutions in uptown Minneapolis. The location of the Lake Harriet Condominiums makes up for the small size, though, with Linden Hills retail nearby and other great dining and shopping opportunities.

If you have questions about Lake Harriet Condos please let us know. We have information on non-listed units.

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Lake Harriet Condos
2700 W. 44th Street Minneapolis,MN 55410
To view properties call 612-843-9985
Lake Harriet Condos Association
Phone Number 952-277-2700